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Good Sports, the app!

Posted by Scott Gregory on

We recently finished a book-app for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Actually, it is a comic-book-app. They have a series of comic books called Super Safe Comics which features a super-safe super hero named Captain Super Safe. Everything the Super Safe folks have done with this PSA-style comic book has been top-notch. We merely adapted this first book into an app form. I’m very proud of the work our team accomplished and encourage everyone to pick up this FREE app on their iPad or android tablet.

Because it was a comic book, we had to abandon our usual page flipping format in favor of one more dynamic. The panels slide in, one after another, from the sides or top or bottom as the story directs. As usual, narration, music, and sound effects are abundant to give that theatrical feel to the app.

This app has a coloring page which is surprisingly addictive. And I don’t mean for the kids who color all the time. But the adults seem to enjoy the coloring in app form as much as the kids. Maybe its just the novelty of it. Another fun feature that we developed from scratch for this app was a word scramble. A bit of a programming challenge but we got it done and it works amazing! What a fun way to teach vocabulary terms.

Thanks to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center for hiring us to make this app and thanks to my amazing Dragonpencil team who brought it to life!

If you try the app and would like to leave feedback or have any technical issues, please post your comment below.