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From Interactive Book to iBook

Posted by Scott Gregory on

Some time ago, I worked with a very clever author named Karen Robertson. She created this book/game called Treasure Kai And The Lost Gold Of Shark Island and I’m proud to say that I played a small part in its development.

Treasure Kai was an interactive book before interactive required an iTunes account.

Affixed to the book are a number of treasure chests, each containing a different toy. The goal is to find the chest with the gold. Opening the wrong chest sends you on various suspenseful adventures within the book, each ending with yet another chance to uncover the correct chest. Having been published prior to the release of  iPad (hallowed be its name), it was very much the pinnacle of an interactive book. Since the iPad, Karen has recast her vision in app form, turning Treasure Kai into a game app. She quickly fell in love with apps and has been helping other authors develop their own apps. So if you are interested in turning your book into an application, head over to Digital Kids Author .com and seek out the treasure which awaits!