Publishing Toll Booths

Today I finished the Useful Organizations page of Most of the content is cut and paste, but with a bit of commentary thrown in. In putting this info together in one place, I came to realize that all these organizations charge something. The last on the list is Castlebridge Books, my own publishing house, which isn’t free either. My point is, I guess, that nothing seems to be free in the publishing business anymore. There seem to be many toll booths on the road to sharing your creative labors with the world. Useful Organizations page just added to the Dragonpencil website.

I have written at least 4 children’s stories that I didn’t publish because of the cost (money and timewise). Maybe I’m just not passionate enough about any one of them. And I have seen the passion that my most successful clients have for their books. I’m not sure I’m capable of that. Gone are the days that you can pay someone to be passionate for you. Today an author needs to be in the driver’s seat, not just along for the ride. Even better is a passionate author with a fully supportive spouse. Hmmm…. maybe I do have what it takes.